Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

  • ESG is a developing field in terms of contentious work, particularly with climate change rising to the top of the corporate agenda in 2021/22, but there is increasing and urgent demand from clients and the public generally for litigation pressure to be exerted on companies to force change, often combined with shareholder activism or public interest litigation funding. That is particularly important where regulation and governments are not moving fast enough.
  • We actively encourage greater urgency from the corporate world in the global pursuit of net zero emissions and are exclusively focused on claimant action in terms of our ESG work. We are committed, with partner organisations, to accelerating solutions that will reduce the harmful effects of climate change.
  • Gresham Legal’s business model means we are ideally placed to act against the vested interests of large financial institutions, so far as ESG related disputes are concerned.
  • Our focus is now on supporting initiatives that will drive systemic change at a macro level and keep global warming below 1.5 degrees in accordance with the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

  • Advising in relation to legal issues relating to the toxic contamination of the Ecuadorian rainforest by Chevron Corporation which resulted in an $18bn award under a Bilateral Investment Treaty.

  • Advising in relation to legacy legal issues relating to the Probo Koala disaster in the Ivory Coast.

Commercial Litigation Services

Commercial Litigation

Gresham Legal acts for both claimants and defendants in all types of commercial litigation before the Higher Courts in England & Wales. We have substantial expertise across our service areas and a proven track record of success in complex and high value cases.

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International Arbitration

Gresham Legal has extensive experience of international arbitration both in London and abroad, including acting for and against sovereign states in investment disputes or related proceedings.

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